One of the biggest questions our clients ask us is, will we help them pose?  Yes! Yes! Yes!  We are here to guide you every step (pose) of the way.  Today’s tip is how we will help you get the perfect picture.  It is all about movement.

Moving one teeny-tiny little thing can create a totally different image.  We call these small changes Flow Posing.  Flowing from one pose to the next.  Even very small changes in your position, will give you big results and a variety of images.  Movement changes can be as small as just moving your eyes from looking at the camera to looking off camera.  It can be moving your hand from your lap, to in your pocket, to in your hair.  Or, it can be a bigger move like twirling in circle or walking towards the camera.   It really is that simple!  And remember, we will direct you every single step of the way!

Flow posing not only gives you many different looks but it also gives you natural-looking, joyful and modern results.

Below are some pictures of Katie and flow posing.  Notice how she is in the exact same spot but makes a small change in the position of her hands or head and creates a totally different look!


These next photos, Katie is in the exact same place but we had her turn around and face the other direction.

So don’t worry.  You’ve got this!  We promise!

2022 Seniors

KLS Photography is a high school senior photographer team based in Eugene, Oregon.  Let’s get together to plan and customize your senior session especially for you.  To see more of our work, click this website to see more of senior images or follow us on Instagram.

July 15, 2021

Quick Tip Thursday: Flow Posing


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Classic, beautiful and sweet is how we would describe Emily. Emily is one of the sweetest young ladies we have met. We loved getting to know her during the time we spent with her. After graduating from high school, she is going to college to become a nurse. We just know she is going to be the absolute best and most caring nurse!

Emily chose to divide her senior session into two locations over two days....

Senior Session on the Oregon State Campus

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