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One of the best parts of hiring a professional photographer who has been doing this whole picture-taking thing for a while is that we have a huge arsenal of incredible session locations that we’ve discovered and love. Choosing the best locations for your portrait session is about figuring out what vibe you’re going for and then from there we can brainstorm together to find a spot that’ll make your heart skip a beat!

Consider the type of outfits that you want to wear for your senior pictures. We will want to match your outfits to the style of the locations. For example, if you lean toward bohemian, then an urban landscape may not be the best choice.

Scroll through Pinterest and see what types of backgrounds are in the images that you like. Do you like bright and splendid backdrops or ones that are more minimalist? Do you want a variety of backgrounds? We can choose several and do them all!

Want some fun ideas? Here are just a few urban ideas:

  • Food Trucks. Look up some top food trucks close to one of your senior session locations and we can stop by and get some quick shots (or even do a mini session at one). Food trucks often take great care of aesthetic details.
  • Murals or Graffiti Walls. Both are great for the ultimate urban session and makes a unique backdrop for your session.
  • Alleys. Alleys are fun because they provide a little privacy and evoke an enclosed, artistic urban setting.
  • Stairs. There is so much to say about stairs and senior pictures! We love them. We have so many awesome ideas for incorporating stairs. They can be at urban locations, college campuses, or parks. There are even rock stairs in the locations that we’ve had to hike to get to.
  • Parking Garages. The top level of a parkade is a great choice for a senior that wants a urban setting and urban buildings in the background.
  • College Campus. Campuses offer lots of old architecture that make for gorgeous settings. The newer modern buildings can add fun cool backdrops.

And here are a few nature ideas:

  • Rivers and Lakes. Water always looks good in pictures, but right as the sun is going down the light gets all glowy and oooh how the sun reflects off the water.
  • Tall grass. Parks especially in mid to late summer have tall grasses that reflect up towards our clients. This makes our seniors “pop” and stand out in the image. Grassy areas often have wild flowers mixed that we can incorporate into your pictures too.
  • Boat Ramps. Not only are they shallow enough that we can wade into but also have lots of greenery around. Don’t want to get your outfit all wet? We can bring a chair and place it in the water!
  • Covered Bridges. They offer so much at one location with bridges.
  • Old Towns. Old towns can be urban with a twist or the perfect place to wear your cowboy boots and have some fun.
  • Flower Gardens. There are many flower gardens that are open to the public that give us a beautiful spot for pictures. Many have gazebos, benches, and sculptures that will give you even more opportunities for great pictures.

We have so many ideas that we can’t list them all in one short article! We’d love to get together for a chitchat (consultation) and figure out what is the best location for YOU.

senior girl photo session at her future college

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May 28, 2023

Choosing the Perfect Location for YOUR Senior Pictures


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