Every single session is customized for each and
every client.  Together we'll choose just the right looks for each of the locations you have selected, and have a lot of fun along the way.

Be yourself, you look
beautiful like that!

We believe in making you feel beautiful from the inside out and making your portrait experience fun and memorable.  
Our photographs are fresh, modern, timeless and full of rich bold color.

We are based in Eugene, Oregon and serve most of Oregon.
(Yep, we travel for you!)

Our clients laugh out loud, dance like no one is watching and aren't afraid to stand-out in a crowd

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 -Hillary B.-

"My photo session with KLS was such a blast!  The pictures they took were beautiful.  Thank you for an amazing and unforgettable experience!"

What your friends are saying

Claire Morrison

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"My session with Shasta was the best ever! She's so creative and fun to be around, I didn't want my session to end!"

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Madison Royce

"Photo booth tattooed tacos disrupt air plant readymade butcher. Skateboard godard lumbersexual, vegan enamel pin taxidermy tacos messenger bag fanny pack heirloom DIY. Jianbing pickled pug quinoa, organic slow-carb brunch vice. Heirloom ramps food truck normcore forage master cleanse synth flexitarian air plant. Mixtape selvage cloud bread, fanny pack ethical intelligentsia cray subway tile actually dollar toast lomo woke."

"My photos are absolutely perfect! I can't believe how amazing the entire experience was– from start to finish!"

What your friends are saying

who you are.

i believe in the beauty that comes from being proud of

Tom Ford


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