We believe a photograph says a thousand words & we want each of those words to be about you.  

Each session starts with an in-person consultation several weeks before your photoshoot.  In this consultation we'll be able to go over what kind of vibe you want, locations that speak to you, and what kind of style you're into.  Each session is unique and catered to what makes you "YOU."

This is a time to celebrate you and how hard you've worked.  We can't wait to meet you and help you capture this important journey. 

congratulations on graduating! this is your year and We are so excited that you are considering KLS to photograph this important time in your life. 

KLS Photography

Get to know

We are KLS: Kelsey, Laura, and Sarah. Laura (aka mom) is the lead photographer and has been photographing family and friends for 20 years and professionally since 2017. 
Laura loves great danes & good coffee. she specializes in photography & is our master editor.  
Kelsey (aka big sis) & Sarah (aka lil sis) both have degrees from the U of O where they honed in their skills in photography & art. 
Kelsey adores cats & trying new RESTAURANTS. Kelsey is our second photographer and has an eye for detail.
sarah loves all animals and shooting her bow at the archery range. Sarah's focus is lighting with our reflector at photoshoots & editing afterwards.  

Our journey

With Emily we made trips to the OSU campus, Dorris Ranch, & downtown Harrisburg. Emily wanted a mix of urban & nature locations and a photoshoot where she could bring her dog. We managed to fit everything she wanted into 3 photoshoots, 3 locations, and countless wardrobe changes. Congratulations on graduating! We had such a great time working with Emily! 

senior Spokesmodel


With Maddison we took our photo sessions to Dorris Ranch in Springfield as well as downtown Harrisburg. Maddison wanted the rustic vibe of Dorris Ranch, but the urban feel of Downtown Harrisburg, which is why we chose 2 locations and 2 photoshoots. We are so honored to have taken Maddison's senior photos! 

senior Spokesmodel



We believe in the kind of beauty that comes from being proud of who you are.  Be fearless and kind in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. You have every right to a beautiful life and being yourself is all it takes. 

moments of beauty

simplistic & authentic

Carol t

Amazing professionalism and talent. Thank you so much!

beautiful photos!